Why Material Handing is Important


Most large firms regularly handle bulk material as part of their routine operations. Therefore, it is critically important for managers to implement measures and processes for ensuring that goods are handled safely and efficiently to prevent losses and accidents. We have outlined reasons why firms have an imperative to prioritize the safe handling of materials.

Reduce workplace accidents

Proper handling of materials reduces workplace accidents. Accidents are a significant cause of both temporary and permanent disability in the workplace. Around 20% of these accidents are attributable to poor handling of materials at the warehouse. One way of reducing accidents and the associated compensation costs is by installing the appropriate material handling equipment in your warehouse and training staff to handle them properly. Equally important is the need to implement a proper warehouse design.

Develop a suitable warehouse layout

Proper warehouse planning improves the efficiency of material handling and creates a safe working environment for your staff. A warehouse with an appropriate layout has dimensions and space that facilitates movement with minimal obstruction. It also has enough spacing and safeguards for industrial material handling systems to operate without endangering workers. Such a warehouse accommodates optimal traffic of goods and people for maximum efficiency. One approach to warehouse planning is the use of smart storage solutions that make it easy to handle materials and reduces the risk of accidents.

Improve operational efficiency

Handling materials properly reduces operational costs.  It is easy to retrieve items in a warehouse t with efficient material handling systems. Such a system maximizes employee productivity by minimizing the time they take to store and remove products.

Moreover, a well-organized warehouse has minimal product losses as products that are organized and protected during the storage and retrieval process.  Proper material handling streamlines warehouse operations leading to increased efficiency. Therefore, implementing the best practices in material handling is one way of increasing the profit margins of your firm.

Improves customer service

Proper warehousing enhances customer service by making it easier for workers to retrieve products from the warehouse upon customer request. If a firm can quickly deliver customer orders, the lead times are shorter, leading to high customer satisfaction and improved chances of repeat business. The high-quality customer service confers your firm with a competitive advantage that puts you ahead of your rivals.

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