Gravity Flow Racks

Industrial Products Plus showcase the system here and answer commonly asked questions.


A closer look at gravity flow racks


Gravity flow pallet racking acts as storage conveyers but does not require electrical power to operate, making them both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. Gravity flow racks can help streamline the workflows within a warehouse as they use gravitational forces to improve pallet racking systems and help pallets and cartons move without manual pressure. The easy use and application of this pallet racking system helps improve warehouse workers’ productivity and allows everyday warehouse tasks to be completed more efficiently and effectively.


Where are gravity flow racks appropriate?


Gravity flow racks efficiently utilize space, meaning they are suitable for installation in warehouses of all sizes and storage facilities where space is at a premium. The layout of gravity pallet racking makes it easier and quicker for warehouse employees to find the goods or product they need, and enable goods to be picked manually or by a forklift, accommodating various warehouses.


Are gravity flow racks right for my warehouse?


If you wonder whether gravity flow pallet racking is right for your business, do not hesitate to contact Industrial Products Plus today. Our expert team member would happily talk through this pallet racking system in more detail with you.