Poured concrete mezzanines

Industrial Products Plus offers sturdy and soundproof concrete mezzanine flooring solutions for industrial and military applications.

  • Minimal noise transmission

  • Ideal for industrial and military applications

  • Hygenic surface material

  • Permanent flooring solution

  • Extremely high point load

  • Most durable mezzanine flooring material

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    At Industrial Products Plus, we offer permanent mezzanine concrete flooring construction services for customers looking for a hygienic and fire and water-resistant surface. With a high point load and minimal noise transmission, concrete mezzanine floors are perfect for industrial and military applications. For more information about concrete flooring, get in touch with our team for a free quote.

    Poured concrete mezzanines

    The most durable type of mezzanine flooring, concrete minimizes the transmission of noise through the deck and has a high point load. As such, it’s ideal for military and industrial applications as well as premises where hygienic surfaces are required. Unlike steel, it is a permanent solution.

    Applications include:

    • Commercial buildings
    • Food production sites
    • Automation and manufacturing plants
    • Car parks

    Poured concrete mezzanines are constructed using a steel framework before the concrete is poured on top. Around 6 inches of concrete is applied to the surface, which is fire and water resistant once set.