Wire Mesh Storage Solutions Made for Heavy Use

  • Custom made locker storage solutions.
  • Durable and with long usability.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Able to be custom-ordered for any type of space.

Run Your Warehouse Smoothly with our Custom Solutions.

Safety and Functionality in Custom Made Lockers for Multiple Purposes

Custom made lockers serve as great solutions options for commercial property storage as well as industrial storage. They fulfill the storage needs for any type of facility by providing security, durability, accessibility and organizational convenience.

These custom built lockers are kept safe in a wire mesh construction, made to endure the elements and provide longer usability life to the locker, while also facilitating their maintenance. They can be incorporated into places like modular offices for easy organization solutions.

Benefits of custom made lockers:

  • Security: Keep products and supplies secure and limit access but still have visibility of your most valuable items
  • Organization: Allows for better organization of space, whether with shelves, side panels or swing doors, they allow users to keep their belongings sorted and visually secure.
  • Safety: Sturdy construction of wire mesh lockers means your lockers will last longer and stand up to the most rugged exposure with no damage to its surroundings.

A few most popular storage lockers are:

  • Tennant Storage lockers
  • TA-50 Military lockers

Contact us to learn how to incorporate these custom made lockers in your business or facility.