Resin composite mezzanines

Improve your warehouse productivity, expand and maximize your storage space with resin composite mezzanines, built to suit most warehouse environments.

Your new composite mezzanines will be:

  • Cost-friendly and efficient

  • Customized to suit your warehouse

  • Skid-resistant

  • Quick to install and easy to maintain

  • Suitable for transporting heavy loads, including carts and dollies

    Run Your Warehouse Smoothly with our Custom Solutions.

    Resin composite mezzanines are a type of mezzanine flooring made from composite boards with a resin coating. They’re ideal for warehouses that want a more “finished” look and have skid-resistant properties. This makes them suitable for storing and transporting heavy loads.

    Resin composite mezzanines are also resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and breakages. Due to their stain-proof properties, they’re more hygienic.

    Resin composite mezzanines

    Made from composite boards with a resin coating, this type of mezzanine flooring has a high density and is suitable for transporting and storing heaving loads, including dollies, carts and pallet jacks. The resin surface is not only skid-resistant, but it’s also resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Resin is also more hygienic than many other mezzanine flooring options thanks to its stain-proof properties.

    Ideal for warehouses where a more ‘finished’ look is desired, the chemical bonding of resin often makes it stronger than concrete. As such, it’s resistant to breakages, whether it’s bearing tons of stock or forceful objects are dropped onto it. All of these properties make resin composite mezzanines suitable for most warehouse environments.