Steel Warehouse Mezzanine

The experts at Industrial Products Plus offer customers a professional installation service for industrial steel mezzanines.

  • Lightweight yet durable

  • Can be installed for multiple uses

  • Able to withstand foot traffic and harsh weather conditions

  • Cost-effective and low-maintenance

  • Can be easily installed and repositioned

    Run Your Warehouse Smoothly with our Custom Solutions.

    At Industrial Products Plus, we offer our customers a comprehensive installation service for robust, high-quality industrial steel mezzanines fitted by professionals. Steel is one of the most popular materials for mezzanine floors due to its ability to resist damage caused by moisture and foot traffic, as well as its lightweight and comparatively strong composition.

    Industrial steel mezzanines are perfect for warehouse environments that are designed to store retail stock, heavy objects or liquids, but they can also be used as a unique and contemporary flooring option for cafes and customer service areas. Whether you’d like to install structural steel mezzanines, steel deck mezzanine, or steel mezzanine stairs, you can rest assured that our expert team will provide you with a high-quality service every step of the way.

    Unlike most mezzanine materials, steel is able to resist damage caused by inclement weather and hazardous environmental conditions, as well as being both cost-effective and low-maintenance. If you plan on expanding your warehouse in the future as your business grows, industrial steel is a great flooring option as your steel mezzanine design can be repositioned and re-installed easily.

    There are four main types of custom steel mezzanines that you can choose from, including shelving-supported, rack-supported, free-standing, and building supported. If you’re interested in installing industrial steel mezzanines on your business premises, get in touch with our team at Industrial Products Plus for your free quote.

    Industrial Steel Mezzanines

    One of the more common options for mezzanine floors, steel is moisture resistant and provides secure resistance to foot traffic. Thanks to its high strength and low weight properties, it’s perfect for warehouse environments where the storage of liquids, heavy objects, or retail stock is required. Aesthetically pleasing, steel mezzanines are suitable for creating customer service areas or cafes too.

    Steel Mezzanine Design

    Unlike other mezzanine materials, steel is able to withstand various weather and environmental conditions and is the most economical material available. Thanks to its durability, a steel mezzanine can be installed and repositioned with ease. The four main types of steel mezzanine are building-supported, free-standing, rack-supported, and shelving-supported.