Modular Warehouse Offices, A Custom Prebuilt Office For Your Plant Floor

Add a Prefab Office Space In Your Warehouse

  • Add a space for paperwork, planning, meetings, or breaks area inside a warehouse.
  • Quick and simple multi-story installations.
  • Set up power, heating, a/c, and internet access.
  • Custom-built into any shape and requirement (soundproof, hardening, etc.) as needed.

    Run Your Warehouse Smoothly with our Custom Solutions.

    Modular Warehouse Offices in Custom Design

    A modular warehouse office is a fast, turnkey solution for your company’s needs. They are made from prefabricated components that are easy to ship and also easy to put together.

    Customizable and lightweight, modular offices can be made to be virtually any size and can accommodate any floor space available. You can change the size to be bigger or smaller so that it can cater to your organization’s growth.

    Your modular warehouse office will have full hookups for lighting, power, and internet to fit the demands of your workday. A prefab office is fast to assemble and can provide a great workspace for your company.

    Custom implant buildings

    IPP offers prefabricated offices with structural integrity. These modular office walls are adjustable so as to fit in any floor plan and bring an ambiance of professionalism. Warehouse offices can change depending on the staff and current stock, and these are designed to fit the requirements of your company at any given moment.

    A modular warehouse office allows for supervision on the warehouse floor without interrupting operations. It gives a base for managers and supervisors to keep a close eye on employees.

    Modular in-plant buildings allow:

    • Easy oversight of warehouse operations
    • Fast and easy installation
    • Customization into virtually any shape
    • Multi-story constructions
    • Set up for internet, power, and heating or air conditioning access
    • Specialty designs and components (i.e. hardened walls or extra soundproofing).

    Uses for Prefabricated Offices

    The modular warehouse offices are easy to ship. You can install them on the warehouse floor or on mezzanines since it’s possible to create multi-level designs if necessary. You can also have specialty construction like soundproofing or something else.

    We help you design and customize the unit so it can work seamlessly in your company. Modular offices make it easy to expand your warehouse and provide increased security with structural integrity.

    Create a workspace for paperwork and for managers to supervise the operations on the floor. A prefabricated office is a perfect place to hold meetings, discuss payroll, and to honor accomplishments with employees and plant operations.

    Having a home base where you can do run administration, write emails and hold meetings right inside the plant makes your company more efficient by providing the necessary structure so daily operations go smoothly.

    Modular Office Customizations

    There are many different ways to install a prefabricated office. Using modular office walls means that this type of structure is ideal in any environment. If the situation calls for it, you are able to create a corner office or a multi-level structure on the mezzanine of your warehouse or any office floor.

    This swing space provides workers and managers a place to keep important papers and also supervise employees on the floor. IPP lets you custom design your modular office to fit your floor plan and your company’s unique needs. These versatile space solutions can be adjusted for fluctuating operations throughout the year and to perfectly match your unique floor plan.

    Materials used in modular systems

    One type of modular office we provide are wire partitions. These have a transparent structure for more visibility and superior air ventilation in the wire partitions. They are also more cost effective.

    Another type of prefab office has conventional wall panels for a solid structure that is adjustable. Let us know which type you prefer and we will get started immediately on your project.


    We will deliver your custom designed office right to your company. We strive to give quality products with innovative solutions. Our CAD and SolidWorks designers make solid designs that will fit seamlessly into your warehouse. We deliver and set up modular offices all over the United States and North America. Trust our knowledge and experience to deliver top quality warehouse solutions.

    Installation/setup type

    Our systems integration team will install the modular office for you. At every step of the process, we will work with you until you are satisfied with the results.

    We start with structural calculations to help you make the most of your space and select the right office type for you. We also use our professional expertise to secure the right permits so everything goes to code. Next, we will deliver and install all products to make the process as fast and easy as possible. Our team is dedicated to getting the job right the first time with prefabricated warehouse offices.

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