Wire Partitions & Security Cages

Customizable Wire Partitions For Multiple Purposes

  • A wide range of uses such as storage, security, and space partitioning.
  • Secure, solid, and versatile.
  • Customizable to doors, panels, etc.

    Run Your Warehouse Smoothly with our Custom Solutions.

    Wire Partitions Systems and Solutions

    Wire Partitions are modular steel systems that can come either in woven wire or welded wire and are used for many applications including safety, security, and arranging space with a sturdy separation.

    These wire partitions can be made to wall height and are secured in place with sturdily-placed posts. It is of course complimented with panels, door posts sliding panels and any other necessary custom-made features.

    Key features of wire partitions:


    These wire partitions allow visibility inside the unit. Which is very useful whether it’s used as a space partition, as an industrial storage cage, or as a security locker.


    Airflow can travel through this wire mesh partition, creating a better comfort level with better air quality in the workspace it’s placed in.

    Cost effective:

    Because of its wire configuration, it uses fewer materials than other traditional solid partitions, which means it can be built at a much lower cost and still fulfill its purpose and practical configuration.

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