What Can You Add to A Modular Warehouse Office?


There are many options and features you can have with a prefab office

prefab warehouse officeAs adaptable and efficient workspace solutions Modular warehouse offices are prevalent in a range of different industries and applications, including auto dealer services, managerial spaces, conference rooms, ticket booths, break rooms, guard booths and much, much more.



Many companies that provide these types of prefab warehouse offices also include the option to customize your space. So just what can you add to a modular warehouse office?

Here are five of the most common options you’ll find, but we’re sure that there are plenty more.


Most modular offices will arrive with HVAC outlets pre-installed to ensure workers have access to a constant flow of cool air during the warmer months and heating when the mercury on the thermometer dips during the winter. Heat insulation can also be added to many modern models, providing you with further control over the temperature in your office.

2. Sound Control

An office should be a place of peace and quiet, where senior managers and staff can get through their workload free of the general distractions of the warehouse. Sound insulation helps to make this possible – many different noise and environmental control panels can be added to prefab warehouse offices.

3. Flooring

Modular buildings don’t usually incorporate a pre-existing floor into their structure, but most providers will have a range of flooring options available. Vinyl tile and carpet are two popular flooring options for modular warehouse offices. You can even make use of our warehouse mezzanine solutions to incorporate a second-floor office.

4. A range of color options

Modular warehouse offices are customizable in many different ways, and unsurprisingly these prefab buildings are available in a range of colors, depending on how you see yours fitting into your warehouse and your particular company culture. The default option for vinyl-covered panels tends to be white, gray or beige, but painted steel or gypsum can be painted in any color – it’s entirely up to you and how you see your office fitting in with its surroundings.

5. Bathroom Facilities

Especially important when you’re using a modular building for a break room, bathroom facilities are often overlooked but can make all the difference when it comes to keeping employees happy. Fortunately, many modular warehouse office solutions can incorporate bathroom facilities. Whether you want to add a male and female WC or you feel that you need to have showers in your office too, prefab warehouse offices can be easily customized to allow you to do this.

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