The Best Uses for Wire Mesh Security Cages


Wire Mesh Security Cages are incredibly versatile and can be adapted to suit a huge range of needs. However, most people aren’t aware of just how many things they can be used for, meaning they unknowingly limit themselves. Discover all the ways you can put your wire security cage to good use.

Outdoor storage

Because the security partitions are designed to be modular, they can easily be moved around and adjusted, making wire mesh security cages ideal for use outside. Whether you need to keep valuable tools out of the reach of thieves, hazardous chemicals away from passersby, or trash cans barricaded against animals, steel mesh storage cages can provide all the protection you need.

Restricted access

If your business has some items that should not be accessible to all staff at all times, such as chemicals or medicines, then keeping them in security cages for storage is an excellent solution. It’s easy to attach locks onto the outside of mesh cages and this style of storage is approved by the standards set by the federal government. Wire Security Cages are safe for use with pharmaceuticals, making them an incredibly secure choice for medical companies amongst other industries. It’s also easy to customize the cages to allow for sweep space between panels and the floor, which is often essential for medical firms.


Sometimes employees have need of locker space to store their personal belongings, but lockers can take up a lot of room that some businesses just don’t have. A wire mesh security cage with added partitions can give employees that safe space without needing a whole extra room. What’s even better is the fact that employees can quickly see where their belongings are, meaning they don’t need to spend time remembering a number or having a specific locker assigned to them.

Health and safety

Steel mesh storage cages aren’t just for keeping things inside, rather they can also be used as barriers to keep employees out of harm’s way. A wire security cage can be placed around dangerous machines or used as a railing to avoid falls from Mezzanines or stairs. Equally, due to the wire mesh design of the cage, air can circulate freely, making them excellent for keeping computers and servers secure without risks of temperatures rising to dangerous levels.


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