How To Best Arrange The Industrial Shelving Of A Facility


Nowadays, trends grow quickly thanks to the rise of digital technology, with more and more consumers expecting to be able to access all manner of products at the touch of their screen. Increased demand means more and more US businesses are looking to supply a broader range of stock. Instead of purchasing a larger storage facility for your growing product range, why not take advantage of the space you have by installing heavy-duty industrial shelving? If you need industrial shelving but aren’t sure how you’ll accommodate everything, here are some tips to help you out:

Creating a floor plan and rearranging

Create an efficient floor plan before moving anything. Evaluate your space and allocate a place near the loading dock or shipping office to house those fast moving items. This ensures they can be loaded, stored, and retrieved quickly. Another thing to consider is to group similar products and label everything so your warehouse will be organized and the inventory will be easy to find. Doing this will allow your employees to access the product quickly and safely, providing excellent customer service. Creating a well-organized floor plan will save you time and money, even though it’s a bit of a headache initially. It may also be necessary to rearrange wire and steel shelves to make room for new industrial shelving. 

Measure the aisles

Ensuring ample space between aisles is crucial for safe worker and forklift access. Always opt for a wide aisle so it’s easier to maneuver. To accomplish this, measure the distance between the current shelves and compare that with the new shelves. 

Industrial Shelving Mobile options

The great thing about industrial shelving is that it can be portable to accommodate compact spaces. They can be installed to a shelf track or motorized mobile shelving system. This is the perfect option if you’re tight on space but still need additional storage. 

Maximize space with Industrial Shelving

Take advantage of all your vertical space by stacking shelves and items. You can also utilize the second floor to house less popular or slow moving products. If you don’t have a second floor, you can add mezzanine shelving. This is a versatile option that will allow you to store a small number of items and also have space to prep packages for shipment while leaving floor space free for larger or fast moving items. The area below overhangs offers the right amount of space for industrial shelves, and utilizing that space could save you from rearranging everything prior to installation. 

An organized warehouse requires quality shelving and a lot of planning. It’s also critical if you want to save time and money. The layout should be efficient so it’s easy for employees to retrieve and store products. That’s why you need an industrial shelving system that’s customized to fit your specific needs. Find the right solutions for your operations. Call us and get a free quote for Warehouse and Material Handling Solutions.