Advantages of Prefab Modular Office Spaces


Learn what you gain by installing a warehouse modular office

Modular Warehouse OfficePrefab construction is an alternative solution to conventional construction. Modular construction provides adaptability and flexibility as your needs change and grow. An example of that would be you have to build A and building B, and you want to turn that building into C. Modular office spaces are very important for dynamic companies that can look into their crystal ball and realize that change is inevitable.

Some of the advantages of going with modular construction would be:


Starting with the material handling and storage section, one of the benefits of modular building manufacturing is the controlled environment where the building materials and equipment are stored inside the manufacturing facility and never impacted by rain, snow or wind. This enhances the quality of materials used in the modular buildings. Additionally, material handling and inventory procedures become more effective in contributing to an efficient and accelerated building process.

Adaptability and Flexibility

As your needs change and grow, so can the product. There are significant cost savings by going with modular construction because it’s a pre-engineered system. With that pre-engineered system, you can remove some of the hidden design cost that you may be faced with your projects. One example of that would be going out and hiring an architect or a general contractor to assist you with your project.

Fast, Quick, and Clean Installation

As it is with our signature warehouse mezzanines, modular office construction is going to be a fast, quick, and clean installation. This is extremely important from the aspect of how much time it takes to build office space. The prefabricated structure is going to minimize the dust because it won’t require metal framing, drywall taping, mudding, sanding, and prime painting. Prefabricated systems will ensure a quick, clean, and minimal disruption to your existing facility. The contractors are going to be able to get in and get out fast, thus resulting in saving you several dollars on your project.

Tax Relief

Prefabricated products under Section 179 of the Tax Relief Act are considered capital equipment. The products aren’t a permanent fixture to your facility. Therefore, they fall into the criteria of capital equipment. So, what does this mean to you? This means that you get the ability to write off your project at seven and a half years versus thirty-nine years that you would with conventional construction, thus resulting in money saved. For more, read our article about how much a modular office costs.


Prefabricated products are green. The inherent nature of the product – being able to take it down moving around and relocated – is green. The components that go into the prefabricated wall systems, from the steel or aluminum to the gypsum board that is utilized in the wall construction, are environmentally friendly.

If you want to learn more about our prefab warehouse office solutions, as well as material handling systems and products, contact us today and find the right solutions for your operations.