What Are The Costs And Gains of Installing A Modular Warehouse Office for Your Operation?


Modular Warehouse Office BenefitsModular warehouse offices are very helpful in dividing your warehouse into sections to encourage productivity and give workers privacy and quiet when necessary. Building a modular office space is much more affordable than renovating your building or moving to a new space, but what does it actually cost?

The prices vary by project, but in general, modular offices are a great investment that will prove very useful for your company. Here’s what to expect when installing modular warehouse offices.

Square footage

The base of modular office warehouse prices stems from the amount of square footage you want to use for the office. These prices depend on the complexity of the buildout, the materials used, and many other factors.

In these cases, you want to optimize the type of elements you need and focus on what your present and future needs are realistic, without getting overly-ambitious but without coming up short on what your operation really needs.


You will also need to pay for the cost of shipping for your modular warehouse offices. Again, the cost of shipping will vary widely, depending on the size and weight of the materials you will need to get it set up. Generally, you can expect shipping to be calculated on a cost per mile and on the type of transport that will need to be employed.


The modular office warehouse prices are also affected by the cost of installation for the project. If you install it on your own, you won’t need to pay the distributor for this, but you will need to allocate employees to do it when they could be doing other things, resulting in a potential loss of productivity. You can also pay for the distributor to come and install it themselves, and weigh the cost of installation with the¬†speed and efficiency in which you need the mezzanine installed.

Add-ons and customization

You will also need to budget for the cost of any unique add-ons or customization that you might want to do. For example, you might need your ceiling to be wall-bearing or your walls to be reinforced. You can also opt to add doors and windows, soundproofing, HVAC, and more, but this can all add to the cost.


The amount of time you put into the project can also be a major factor when you are thinking about investing in modular warehouse offices. This is particularly important if you are going to need to take some downtime to install the office. Even though you aren’t spending money, per se, you could potentially lose money by spending time on the office instead of other tasks.

A modular warehouse office is a great investment for your company’s productivity. Industrial Products Plus will help you find the perfect custom solution for your warehouse. Call us today to get a free quote for your warehouse and material handling solutions.