Why you need mezzanine floors for your warehouse



Ultimately, it’s the aim of every business to expand and gain more market share. While expansion is undoubtedly good news, it can also place serious pressure on your storage capacity and could even prove costly if you’re considering relocating to a larger building. Some business decision-makers might even consider making permanent structural changes to their existing premises, such as an extension – but again, this can prove costly.


A much more affordable solution is to add a mezzanine floor to your existing warehouse floor space. A mezzanine floor is a non-permanent structure that creates a new floor level between the existing ground floor and the roof above. Most expanding businesses can benefit from a mezzanine floor within their warehouse floor space, as it is an economical means of creating additional space in an existing building. Here are just six reasons why your company could benefit from a mezzanine floor:


Improved safety


If you’re using your warehouse to stack pallets highly on top of each other, you’re increasing the risk of a dangerous collapse which could result in the serious injury or death of employees. A mezzanine helps to improve the overall safety of the working environment, as it provides a solid foundation to store goods without having to stack multiple pallets.




Installing a prefabricated mezzanine is almost always considerably cheaper than moving premises. Mezzanines also allow you to expand incrementally – you can add a small mezzanine and expand upon it as your business expands, as opposed to bearing the initial upfront cost of moving to a larger warehouse floor space.


Wide-ranging applications


A mezzanine floor can be used for many different purposes, including raised storage areas, administrative working areas, office areas, retail space, and employee break room space. The possibilities are almost endless – from kitchens to additional areas for picking/packing operations, most businesses can benefit in some way by installing a mezzanine.


Eco-friendly option


Unlike warehouse floor space expansion, the construction of mezzanine flooring leaves an incredibly low carbon footprint. It also uses far fewer natural resources, which means your company can do its bit for the environment while enjoying the benefits of business expansion.


Reduce the need to acquire additional land


In addition to being more environmentally friendly, a mezzanine will reduce the need for your business to seek out new land. The vertical structural expansion allows you to make greater use of your existing space, which can be much more convenient for your customers and your staff as they won’t have to relocate or travel additional distances to new premises.


Increased floor space


The addition of a mezzanine provides you with a simple means to double your existing floor space without having to expand your base footprint. It’s affordable, environmentally friendly, quick to install and offers a great space-saving measure. Put simply, a mezzanine floor is the best possible solution to your expansion requirements.