Why Pallets Are Used in A Warehouse


Pallets have been around in the supply chain for quite some time. They make the first line of defense that ensures a product’s safety, but what are pallets, and why is the pallet racking system used in warehouses?

What Are Pallets?

A pallet is a horizontal platform that allows commercial goods to be shipped by offering them support. You can think of pallets as the wheels of your vehicle that serve as the point of contact that absorbs shocks between the product’s surface and the floor, reducing the amount of damage or loss of the product. Moreover, it also helps prevent worker injury from unbalanced or overloaded shipments. Hence, pallets serve as an integral way of reducing costs.

Types of Pallets

There are several different types of pallets depending upon their material, size, and the number of entry points. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Pallets According to the Manufacturing Material

  • Wooden pallets
  • Plastic pallets
  • Metallic pallets
  • Cardboard pallets

Pallets According to Size

  • Euro pallets
  • American pallets

Pallets According to Number of Entry Points

  • 4-entry points pallets
  • 2-entry points pallets

Other Types of Pallets

  • Wing pallets
  • Closed pallets
  • Reversible pallets

Each type of pallet has distinct features and can vary in composition and size.  Pallets are all designed to serve the same purpose, so you can choose the type of pallet depending on the load and product you want to support.

Why Pallet Racking System Makes an Integral aspect of Warehouse Operations

Depending on the operations and inventory management system, specific types of pallet racking are designed to optimize the function of warehouses. Choosing the right pallet racking system can improve warehouse organization, picking speed, and order fulfillment.

Some of the benefits of selecting an appropriate pallet racking system include:


The pallet racking system makes a versatile option that allows you to create a more productive and efficient warehouse.

Enhances Efficiency

A pallet racking system increases the storage space in the warehouse, which makes it easier and more efficient to store products and transfer them more efficiently to other environments.


The pallet racking system is developed for long-term use and is made using durable materials, such as heavy-gauge steel, which meets your facility’s needs, and provides adequate support and protection for all items.

Types of Pallet Racking

While there are different types of pallets, several different types of pallet racking systems include the following.

  • Cantilever racking
  • Pallet flow racking
  • Drive-in racking
  • Mobile racking

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