Why is material handling important?



Warehouse and distribution professionals know all the challenges that come with storage management and material handling processes in their daily work. Whether you’re concerned about making cost reductions, inventory maintenance, product quality, or adequate staffing, the importance of material handling can not be understated when it comes to your business’s efficiency and success.


Why is material handling necessary?


By relying on a company specializing in warehouse storage and material handling solutions, you can save time, reduce workloads, and improve all staff’s daily operations.


When deciding how to involve a company specializing in material handling services, such as the team here at Industrial Products Plus, the options can range from complete turnkey solutions to specific project management assistance. There are benefits to all of these options, and we offer all of the support you need to fit your circumstance.


Turnkey solutions


Outsourcing all material handling systems is especially beneficial to supervisors who don’t have time to manage it themselves. Because we specialize in efficient and cost-effective solutions for warehouse and distribution industries, we’re more knowledgeable about all types of material handling safety and equipment, from initial designs to engineering and installation, and can provide custom solutions for your exact needs. Plus, we’ll manage everything from start-to-finish, and take full responsibility for the results.




Having assistance with material handling design specifications, like AutoCAD and SolidWorks layouts, can save warehouse managers time and money. We provide help with design and have dedicated professionals that can get this work done more quickly, without taking time away from you or your staff. Our team’s extensive system knowledge and material handling expertise ensure that your designs meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.




Hiring IPP for the installation of material handling equipment ensures all staff’s safety while saving time for your team. Our expert team can also help identify the most cost-effective storage and material handling applications for your warehouse or distribution center as a systems integrator. We’ve completed installations of all sizes and designs, from small and simple to large and complex.


Project management


When you need help ensuring that specific material handling jobs get completed efficiently and professionally, we can provide project managers with design, calculations, permitting, and installation. Our project managers are experienced in consultations, estimations, and bids and can work with you on scheduling, cost control, and labor management. We are experts in storage and material handling solutions such as installing shelving, wire partitioning, pallet racking, creating mezzanines, and modular offices.


At IPP, we’ve spent the last 60 years understanding warehouse storage and material handling requirements for all business types and perfecting the solutions and services you need.


No matter what your material handling and warehouse storage needs are, we’ll find the best solutions for you. Contact us today for a free quote.