Where Can You Use Wire Partitions?


Suppose you are looking for secure areas in your workplace without denying access to your employees’ entire space. In that case, wire partitions may be the thing that you need. No matter which business and industry you belong to, wire partitions can serve a purpose for storage and security.

Let us find out where you can use wire partitions in a business and industrial setting:

Data Cages

Data cages are wire partitions designed to hold and protect servers and networking equipment. These wire cages divide a space for organizing while ensuring the safety of valuable equipment. At Industrial Products Plus, data cages are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and can provide optimal solutions for keeping your data-storing systems secure.


Mobile Storage Cabinets

Some wire partitions come in smaller configurations and are designed to be rolled on casters for increased portability. These wire storage are equipped with various types of locking mechanisms that allow access to only authorized personnel. Portable wire partitions can be used to store tools and supplies to prevent the risk of product shrinkage and theft of company-owned items. Since they are made of wire mesh, it also allows for complete visibility and airflow.


Driver Access Cage

Driver Access Cage is a specialized security product that is made from mesh wire partitions. These cages prevent the risk of injury in a factory environment, by preventing people in the facility from walking into dangerous zones and the path of a forklift. In addition, these partitions come with a service window that allows people to communicate with the people inside the wire partitions.


Cold Room Storage Protection

Wire partitions are also used inside a cold room storage to protect the back of a pallet rack system. With these partitions, you can prevent damage to the walls, which can otherwise have a negative effect on the efficiency of the entire cold room cooling system.


Fall Protection Panels

Fall protection wire partitions can prevent expensive damage and accidents that can occur around your shelving and pallet racks. These wire panels can secure the products and keep your personnel safe by preventing items from shifting out of place and falling. Fall protection panels are also readily available in a large number of sizes and configurations.


Weapon Racks and Cabinets

Wire partitions also have applications in military and law enforcement agencies as they offer a secure space for storing weapons and ammo. These wire racks and cabinets come with customized high-security locking mechanisms that are suitable for the client’s needs. In addition, they are equipped with secure entry points that allow quick access to weapons in times of need.


Document Storage

If you need a secure place to store your paper document, wire partitions can be a safe and secure storage system that can accommodate dozens and even hundreds of boxes full of sensitive documents. The wire allows visibility into the cage but does not allow anyone to access the documents unless they have a security code to pass through the door.


Drug Storage

Wire cages are a secure option for storing DEA-controlled substances that meet the United States Drug Administration regulations. Pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, drug warehouses, and various medical facilities can have peace of mind by placing controlled substances in these wire storage that authorized personnel can only access.

As you can see, wire partitions can be a very worthwhile investment for your business. If you are looking for secure and safe storage solutions for your equipment and sensitive items, we may have the right solutions for your business. Reach out to us today at Industrial Products Plus and get a free quote for customized wire partitions.