What Will I need In A Prefabricated Warehouse Office


Which features do you require for your prefabricated Warehouse Office?

Prefabricated warehouse offices, also referred to as in-plant offices, are a great way to utilize the best of the warehouse space you have available as they are rooms installed within an existing space or warehouse. They are incredibly versatile and cost-effective, making them popular with many different kinds of warehouses. If you are considering a prefabricated warehouse office you may be wondering what components and features your office space needs.

  1. Noise-control paneling

If you operate in a warehouse environment that produces a lot of noise pollution, finding a quiet place to work can seem impossible. Thankfully, in-plant modular office buildings can be created with noise-control paneling, doors, and windows to ensure you have a peaceful place to complete any important tasks or an area where team meetings can be held effectively.

  1. Temperature controls

For warehouse environments that need to monitor the temperature and humidity of a room, such as pharmaceutical warehouses, modular offices can be created with air handling systems and air curtains to help regulate and monitor the temperature of the room.

  1. Anti-contamination features

In medical warehouses or similar, contamination is a serious concern. Prefabricated modular warehouse offices can be built with features such as shower rooms and chemical sprinklers ensuring whatever your anti-contamination needs are, a modular room can help you achieve them.

  1. Two-story prefabricated warehouse offices

When floor space in a warehouse is limited, two-story modular offices provide an innovative space solution. By utilizing the unused space below a warehouse ceiling, you maximize the space available in your warehouse and can accommodate the growing needs of your business, such as by providing an office inside the warehouse.

  1. Break facilities

If the demand for your business is rising and you need to hire a larger work team, a prefabricated break room will ensure you have the room to accommodate new employees without having to relocate your warehouse. Supplying employees with a dedicated space for them to relax in will improve worker morale and reduce the risk of accidents happening due to employee exhaustion.

  1. Fire safety

Hazardous and flammable environments can be maintained in prefabricated offices with steel or with non-combustible wall panels. Other fire-proof features can be included such as blast-proof panels and laser protective glazing. Features such as these ensure no matter what your warehouse handles, an appropriate modular office can be built.

The next step

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