What type of mezzanine floor additions can I add?



Mezzanine floor additions are a great way to expand floor space without adjusting the exterior dimensions of your facility. They are an affordable and attractive option for virtually any type of space. You can order pre-designed setups or choose to have mezzanine floor additions completely customized to meet your unique needs.


How mezzanine floors can add to your commercial space

Mezzanine floors are raised platforms that are usually open to the space below them. In most areas, they will cover no more than one-third of the existing floor space. Mezzanine flooring structures take advantage of elevated ceiling heights in warehouses and other commercial buildings to create affordable space.

Some designs are freestanding, offering elevated space without tying into the existing structure of your building. Others can be secured to the walls or ceiling for extra support. Either way, a mezzanine floor platform will provide a safe and secure space.


3 types of mezzanine floor additions that enhance functionality and appearance


Whether you choose a free-standing unit or one attached to your building, there are mezzanine floor additions that can add to the safety, functionality, and appearance of your mezzanine structure. Consider these great options you can add.


1. Handrails

An important safety feature, handrails need to meet the needs of your business as well as local building codes. You will want to have handrails installed along the platform edges of your mezzanine floors to avoid injury. They should also be along stairs leading to your mezzanine floor additions.

For many applications, a standard handrail will be sufficient. In cases where the intended use or building codes require them, you may need to have taller custom handrails around your mezzanine floor. Wire mesh or steel grating along portions of custom handrails can also help increase safety and keep things contained.


2. Custom colors

Some businesses can integrate standard colors into their operations with no concerns. When mezzanine floor additions are being used in offices or public areas, however, you may want to consider customizing the colors to match your brand image.


3. Safety gates

Having high-quality safety gates on your mezzanine floor addition is a crucial component to ensuring its safe use. You can order safety gates in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of your mezzanine floor addition design.

Popular gate options include swing, sliding, and pivot designs. The amount of floor space and type of access you will need will determine the best type of gate for your new mezzanine floor addition.


Find out how mezzanine floors can help grow your business

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