What is pallet racking?



A pallet racking system is a single or multi-level material handling storage system that stores products or items on pallets. It’s highly efficient in supporting the high-stacking of palletized loads or single items, and it’s essential for storage and distribution operations.

Pallet racking systems utilize horizontal space to provide multiple levels of vertical space, which improves the overall organization and storage of items in your warehouse. Additionally, they simplify inventory requirements and allow rapid access to stored items.

Pallet designs and types

Generally, pallet racking systems are composed of horizontal load beams and vertical upright frames explicitly designed for the materials you want to store. Depending on load requirements, the upright frames vary in size and design, and they determine the height and depth of your pallet racking system.

Upright frames support a wide range of weight and capacity requirements as they’re available in different post sizes, widths, and heights. These frames are manufactured by roll forming flat coil steel, where constructors punch slots up and down the upright frame in standard intervals.

This creates holes that are used to mount the horizontal load beams. At times, these upright frames are constructed using structural C shapes for columns.

In pallet racking systems, the horizontal load beams provide support, and they are the surface storage area where you place loads. They connect the upright frames from top to bottom, and they usually determine the width of your structure. Since load beams are available in various heights and lengths, they can accommodate your stored loads’ dimension and weight requirements.

Typically, there are two main types of load beams – step or box beams. Regardless of the beam style you choose for your warehouse, you can adjust its height or remove it to fit your warehouse operation needs.

Rack your pallets securely with our pallet racking systems

Your pallet racking system is only as strong as its components. Luckily, our pallet racking systems attach securely and properly lock into each beam to guarantee safe and efficient storage solutions.

Each of our pallet racking systems is engineered to fit your warehouse storage needs and bear the specific amount of weight and load dimensions for your materials. If you’re looking for a more customized solution, you can plan, design, and order your specific pallet racking system to meet your storage solutions.

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