What is a Warehouse Mezzanine: Why should I be interested?


A warehouse mezzanine system is an elevated floor installed between the ceiling and floor of your existing warehouse space. Mostly freestanding, these steel structures can be erected and dismantled quickly and easily, making them a popular choice for many growing businesses. Although commonly featuring metal decking or bar grates, some designs can accommodate a concrete floor.


The primary purpose of introducing this type of system in a warehouse is to maximize the storage space available. Many companies nowadays have adopted the mezzanine warehouse system due to its numerous advantages. Let’s take a look at eight benefits of having a warehouse mezzanine installed below.




It only takes a short amount of time to install the elevated platforms of mezzanine warehouse systems. When you compare this to the time it would take to construct a new warehouse or move to brand new premises, the savings are clear.


Less disruption


Installing a warehouse mezzanine system is one of the most convenient options for any busy company that cannot afford to lose vital operating time. Business can continue as usual, even when the installation of the system is underway – installation can also be done out-of-hours if this is more convenient. This ensures that the construction of your extra space does not interfere with the day to day activities of your warehouse.


Operation stability


Operating a warehouse comes with a lot of costs, such as electricity and water. By incorporating a mezzanine system, you avoid having to pay a second set of these expenses in another warehouse.


Tax savings


No additional tax will be imposed when you install a mezzanine system as the square footage of your warehouse doesn’t increase. (Click here to learn more about the cost of incorporating a mezzanine in your warehouse).

Employee retention


Since you will not be moving into a new warehouse, you’re more likely to retain your current employees. This may not have been the case had you moved to a bigger warehouse in a different location.



Warehouse mezzanines can be added or removed easily as your business changes, making it easier for you to grow or downsize based on demand.

Offers customization for specific business needs


A mezzanine floor can be designed according to the needs of your business and existing warehouse space, making it completely customizable.


Better control of inventory


The structure of a mezzanine system enables you to see all your inventory, allowing you to find, store, and check the quality of your products more efficiently.


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