What is a mezzanine floor?



In business, a commonly asked question is “what is a mezzanine floor?”. Put simply, a mezzanine system is an intermediate floor within a building which does not completely cover the flooring below. A mezzanine should provide plenty of height for foot traffic both above and below deck.


In industrial settings, mezzanine flooring is typically used for the storage of goods or materials. However, mezzanines can be used in all manner of commercial settings, including offices, manufacturing facilities, breweries and more. Mezzanines can be designed to specification to suit business requirements and can feature variable load ratings, railing types, decking, and other materials.


What is a mezzanine floor used for?


Regardless of the industry type, most businesses could benefit from having a mezzanine floor system (Read more about the different types of warehouse mezzanines). Firstly, mezzanine floors allow for unused space above the ground floor to be used however the business sees fit. It’s a rapid space-saving solution that can be affordably installed, and effectively doubles the amount of usable space in a warehouse or other business premises.


While the most common application for a mezzanine is undoubtedly extra storage, there are lots of ways a mezzanine could solve logistical problems regardless of your business type. For example, a mezzanine floor could be used to seat temporary staff during busy periods (the winter holidays, for example).


Elsewhere, mezzanines can prove useful in providing specialized work areas for machinery or equipment in hard-to-reach areas. Sorting machines, industrial pumps, conveyor systems, and chemical tanks are just some of the common reasons clients have contacted Industrial Products Plus in the past for mezzanine quotes.


Creating a quiet space for administrative staff


If your clerical staff require a quiet space to perform their duties in an otherwise loud environment, a mezzanine can be the perfect solution. Just imagine the scene: your clerical and HR staff are unable to concentrate on administrative tasks on a loud and busy shop floor, and this is resulting in errors with paperwork. The problem can be solved easily by installing a mezzanine to create a separate space.


Mezzanines for transportation


When asking “what is a mezzanine floor?”, many people are surprised to learn that mezzanines can be just as useful for transportation as they are for storage. A carefully designed mezzanine system offers a convenient means of transporting inventory and employees above the factory floor without disturbing existing work areas.


Why a mezzanine floor makes sense


In addition to providing a building with extra storage space, mezzanines can be installed relatively quickly and with minimal disruption to the site. It makes sense for busy companies who need extra space to consider a mezzanine, as they can be fabricated off-site and quickly erected, as opposed to having to close down operations to build a floor within the building which could impact productivity.


We hope this answers your questions, “what is a mezzanine floor?” and “what is a mezzanine floor used for?”. If you have any further queries or would like a quotation for a mezzanine, please do not hesitate to contact us.