What is a dock leveler?



Dock levelers mount to the front of the dock or sit in a recessed pit. They allow industrial vehicles to pass between the building and the truck or other transport vehicle and includes a ramp at the rear edge and a lip on the front. When in use, the operator raises the ramp, and the lip moves into position.


What is a dock leveler used for?


A dock leveler makes it easier for forklifts and other vehicles to move in and out of loaded trailers for improved safety and efficiency.


Types of dock levelers


There are several types of dock levelers, as described below. Choose the model that would work best in your warehouse environment.


Hydraulic dock leveler


A hydraulic dock leveler sits in a dock pit and provides an easier transition from the leveler to the trailer. Hydraulic dock levelers minimize forklift repairs and product damage. With a hydraulic leveler, you can position the platform and lip with high reliability. Additionally, the push-button operation makes it safe and straightforward for the dock attendant to use.


Manual dock leveler


With a manual dock leveler, the dock attendant uses a release chain to raise the leveler to the platform manually. Then, the leveler is walked onto the bed of the trailer.


Vertical storing dock leveler


These levelers stand upright, which provides more clearance for the trailer doors to back into the dock and gives you more control over environmental conditions and enhanced security. Since the vertical storing dock leveler stores in front of the door, it helps prevent damage from accidental impacts.


Edge of dock leveler


By sitting on the dock’s edge, this type of leveler minimizes the height difference between the back of the truck and the dock. It saves time by preventing the need for portable plates to match the dock and truck positions.


Container dock leveler


This type of dock leveler allows the trailer to park under the dock. Then, a forklift can easily access the products. Container dock levelers mount within the building with the opening under the leveler. They can alternatively mount on the front of the dock. It leaves room for the trailer to fit under the trailer, facilitating the unloading of multiple containers.


Telescopic dock leveler


This type of dock leveler creates a bridge between the unloading or loading zone and the floor of the vehicle. It smoothes out height differences. Telescopic dock levelers have a ram that allows forklifts to transit from the dock to the vehicle easily.


Why is a dock leveler important in warehouse work?


Dock levelers provide a bridge between the dock or warehouse, and the transit vehicle, making loading and unloading go much faster. It also improves work and safety conditions for warehouse employees.


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