What exactly is an integrated material handling system?



Material handling systems are ever-evolving. They have and are still experiencing extensive growth. This post seeks to answer the question, ‘what is a material handling system?’ as well as provide the benefits of material handling in warehouse operations.

What is material handling system?

The material handling system is a concept that comprises of the distribution, storage, control, and protection of materials and products during the manufacturing process. All through this process, there are various solutions and systems used, ranging from manual, semi-automated to automated ones.


An integrated material handling system joins together all aspects of material handling equipment throughout the production cycle, thus leading to a well-engineered system.


Benefits of material handling in warehouse operations

Optimization of worksite processes

The appropriate material handling system can bring a massive impact on your organization. Going for dock lifts, levelers, conveyors, scissor lifts, tilt tables, pallet positioners can ease your work site processes. In addition to that, they also reduce the required manual labor and the number of employees needed to complete tasks.

Enhanced customer service

An enhanced material handling system shortens the delivery time leading to an increase in customers. This is because customers tend to be happier when their goods are delivered on time, undamaged, and as expected.

Maximize inventory management

An ideal system helps to assure control and accuracy. There are minimal chances of accidents, misplaced items, or product damage when the inventory is at the right place at the right time.

Reduced overall handling costs

When the number of people required to sort, distribute, handle, and receive items is reduced, the overall costs also drastically reduces.

Doubles productivity

Alongside reducing the required workforce, the material handling system also designs the job fit for every worker. On top of efficiency, the system creates a comfortable and safer place of work, thereby doubling your worker’s productivity.

Cuts down on strains and injuries

When you reduce the materials that your workers are supposed to handle manually, you also reduce the number of hand and back injuries; they are likely to experience. Incorporating material handling systems improves the safety of your workers, thus increasing your company’s efficiency.

Streamlined workflow

When it comes to managing workflow, there is more than just implementing material handling equipment. Efficient and flexible material handling equipment addresses re-routing, congestion and alleviates issues of traffic intensity.


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