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    Warehouse Mezzanine Types

    Warehouse mezzanines come in a variety of types to suit different functions and environments. No matter the amount of space you have available below and above, or whether you need a platform for storage or office functions, there’s a mezzanine for you. Make sure you’re choosing the right one for your needs by understanding what’s available.

    Custom Mezzanines

    If you have something very specific in mind when it comes to designing your mezzanine, then a custom-built structure could be for you. This ensures that you don’t have to compromise on any aspect and that the mezzanine will fit seamlessly with your current warehouse setup. Custom mezzanines are low cost and delivered quickly for a minimal-fuss process. What’s more, they can be expanded easily in the future should your needs change and don’t really need to be maintained to keep them in good condition. Choose to include a stair system if your warehouse has multiple levels and consider different coatings to ensure the mezzanine is as durable as you’d like.

    When your custom mezzanine is delivered, it will be ready to install thanks to the sturdy, ready-to-use steel construction. Our experts will take care of all the hard work in this all-inclusive service, meaning all you need to do is get ready to enjoy your new space.

    Freestanding Mezzanines

    Sometimes a freestanding mezzanine is what’s best for your warehouse, as it can exist separately from the main structure. However, connecting the two together is simple through a racking system. These structures are ideal for when you need a platform to work on that’s capable of holding heavy equipment. Freestanding mezzanines can be custom made to suit your warehouse or you can choose from one of many preprepared designs as well.

    There’s no need to worry about freestanding mezzanines being unstable, as they will be securely fixed to a base so that your workers will be completely safe. However, they are easy enough to move around, which is ideal if your current location is temporary.

    Prefab Mezzanines

    Mezzanines can come prefabricated and ready for use, making them handy for adding on extra rooms to use as offices. These are often freestanding and will be manufactured with overhead clearance in mind. Delivered in a ready-made state, our team will be able to install your fully formed mezzanine in no time at all. Some other types of mezzanines may need assembling, which makes the process that extra bit longer. When you choose prefab, you can know that the structure has been carefully built according to your specifications ahead of time, allowing for it to slot seamlessly into your working environment.

    To learn more about which mezzanine is best for you industrial base or warehouse, get in touch today.