The Top 7 Major Warehouse Storage and Installation Systems


Proper storage of products and items is crucial to a warehouse. Having the right storage systems can optimize the warehouse operations and improve the overall efficiency by maximizing available space, increasing safety, and improving organization and functionality.

So let us take a look at some of the major storage systems in a warehouse:

Pallet Racking System

Racking systems are designed for easy storage of pallets, bulk items, and specialty items. These storage systems are often equipped with mesh wire desks for storing items stacked on top of each other to reach the warehouse rafters. Depending on the weight and size of the box and the height where the item is placed, pallet racking systems utilize forklifts to move the boxes into position.

Pallet racking systems are available in different categories.  These categories include double-deep racking, drive-through racking, cantilever racking, carton flow racking, push-back racking, shuttle racking, vertical racking, and offer different flexibility, weight limits, and configurations.

Static Shelving

These shelves are used to keep items in place and won’t shift from their position. Static shelving offers maximum security and safety as they prevent products from falling off. Static shelves are designed to store smaller, lightweight inventory that is placed by hand. Hence, they do not require the use of a forklift or other automated warehouse machinery.

Mobile Shelves

Unlike static shelves, mobile shelves can move and have adjustable shelves. These storage systems are more flexible than static shelves as they can be configured to accommodate more items in less space. Many of these mobile shelves also come with locking mechanisms and manual and mechanized level tracks.

Multi-tier Shelves

Multi-tier shelves are constructed on more than one level, providing vertical storage space and maximizing the use of space available in the warehouse. These shelves make it easy for warehouses to store a larger amount of inventory, increasing the warehouse capacity as a whole. These shelves are a good choice for storing bulk items that have small units.

Multi-tier shelves can be accessed by the main aisle, stairs, and cross aisles. It is important to pay attention to weight limits and follow ceiling-to-rack guidelines to make the most of multi-tier shelves..

High-Density Storage

High-density storage is a great option for warehouses looking to expand their storage capacity without increasing their footprint. These warehouse storage and installation systems are designed for small, tight spaces and can be moved with a track system. An example of high-density storage is mobile shelving and modular drawers systems, and dynamic storage systems.


Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are wire cages that are often equipped with locking mechanisms and are used for improving a warehouse’s safety and security. These storage systems are very practical and used to section off areas without investing in renovations. Only authorized personnel can access the restricted areas where high-value, sensitive material, like chemicals, sensitive documents, drugs, machinery, and other objects, are stored.



A mezzanine floor system is a second floor that is set up over existing aisles. This specialized type of warehouse storage and installation system increases storage capacity without increasing your warehouse’s footprint. Moreover, it comes with the added benefit of increased safety, easy dismantling, and portability.

A mezzanine system offers more storage space and an extra working area for employees to manage stock.

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