The Many Uses of Wire Partitions & Security Cages


When it comes to safety and security in your warehouse, few items are as generally useful as wire partitions & security cages.  While simple in design, this simplicity allows them to be deployed in many different scenarios, protecting your workforce, your property, or both.  No warehouse should be without a stock of wire partitions & security cages, with some extra in case a new need for them arises.  Plus, thanks to their sturdy construction, they can last for years or even decades.

These are just a few of the ways they can be put to use through their extra-long active lifespans.

Four Ways to Use Wire Partitions & Security Cages in Your Facilities 

1. External security

Most people think of security cages as being for indoor security, but they can be an excellent option for ad-hoc outdoor security as well.  Since they are easily assembled into room-like cubes, you can simply create a secure room outdoors that will be relatively resistant to theft or break-in.  The speed with which this can be done makes them particularly cost-efficient.

2. Rooms within rooms

Another excellent way to deploy wire partitions is to create extra-secure zones within already-safe areas.  For example, if your facility stores weapons or drugs which could be easily abused, placing these items within two (or more) layers of security access provides a significant security boost – but without taking up much more floor space.

3. Protecting computer systems

Dealing with security for computer servers and databases can be difficult, because business computers are relatively sensitive to temperature.  Busy servers can’t be kept in a fully enclosed room, because of heat buildup.  Security cages actually make for an excellent low-cost solution to this issue!  The wire mesh of the cage ensures the computers receive plenty of ventilation, while still restricting access to unauthorized users.

4. Personal item security

Warehouse workers need a safe place to store their personal effects, and not every facility has space to spare for a separate locker room.  Security cages can serve this role as well!  For an added bonus, it allows you and other overseers to keep a closer eye on what items workers are storing and help keep prohibited items out.

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