6 Safety Tips for Warehouse Mezzanines


Are you providing a safe environment for your warehouse employees?

Warehouse Mezzanines are a cost-effective solution to increase the space and functionality of a warehouse. A mezzanine can be installed at a fraction of the cost of relocating, making them a popular choice for warehouses of all natures. It is important to remember, however, that a warehouse mezzanine can be a safety hazard if it is not installed, used or maintained properly. To ensure your business is safe and follows all the relevant legal requirements, take note of the following safety tips…

  1. Never restrict access

Similar to fire exits in a warehouse, ensure the staircase of the mezzanine is never blocked or cluttered. An obstructed access point may cause workers carrying equipment to and from the mezzanine to fall or injure themselves. Ensure all employees are properly trained to use the mezzanine and identify risks.

  1. Install guard rails

Different warehouse mezzanines have different designs but if your mezzanine has exposed sides, to make moving products easier, you must install the appropriate guard rails. This will protect both your workers and your inventory from accidentally falling.

  1. Never exceed load limits

Even robust metal mezzanine systems have a weight limit and you must ensure each member of your team is aware of this limit. Remember to include worker capacity with your weight limit to avoid the mezzanine breaking or even collapsing.

  1. Remember hazard codes apply to mezzanines

Local, federal and building codes apply to your mezzanine, including fire codes, so be sure your mezzanine is compliant with all the relevant rulings and regulations prior to installation. Information can be placed on posters around the warehouse to ensure all workers are aware of the important rulings. Failure to follow the correct codes may lead to large fines, the warehouse getting shut down and serious injuries.

  1. Place your warehouse mezzanine in the best location

For industrial mezzanine systems, ensure it is installed as close to the shipping area of your building as possible. This not only reduces the time workers spend picking and walking back and forth but will minimize any chances of injuries occurring as accidents most often happen when workers are tired and worn-out.

  1. Select the correct safety gate

For mezzanine storage systems there are multiple gate options and it is important you select the correct one for your system. Whether you select a vertical sliding, swinging or pivot gate, ensure the gate you select keeps your employees safe and secure whilst they work on the elevated platform.

For warehouse mezzanine safety solutions and reliable installations, contact Industrial Products Plus today. Whatever your operations are, we can help you add additional office space or increase your production area with a warehouse mezzanine. Call us now and receive a free quote!