Mezzanine Weight Capacity


Industrial and commercial warehousing mezzanines are there for one sole purpose — to help you increase the storage capacity of your warehouse without having to purchase more land, a new site, or working on horizontal expansion. You get to store twice as much as you would be able to normal and even more!

This article will consider what a typical mezzanine floor weight capacity is, how to calculate industrial mezzanines’ weight capacity and more.

Calculating Mezzanine Weight Capacity

Generally, industrial warehouse mezzanine systems are usually 39.37 feet long and 52.49 feet wide, but these can be higher or lower according to requirements. Now, let’s suppose that while installing the mezzanine warehousing floor, you told us that you anticipated placing merchandise on top of the floor that would weigh approximately 1228.89 lbs. Of course, this would be distributed all across the platform.

Hence, if your mezzanine floor is storing inventory or goods of 1228.89 lbs, we get your mezzanine’s load-bearing capacity to stand at 31.25 lbs / ft . Storing more than the capacity is a code violation and can lead to hefty fines for industrial mezzanines.

If you want to calculate the pounds per square foot capacity, all you have to do is calculate the complete length and width of the mezzanine floor, excluding the stairs and the maximum distributed load. This load can be calculated by adding up the weight of all the items stored on it or the anticipated weight you plan to place on the mezzanine. The most common weight capacity in the US stands at 125 PSF (pounds per square feet) on warehouse mezzanine floors. When determining factors for mezzanine weight capacity signs, the biggest one is the material used for the pillars under it. Know that both plywood and smooth steel have their pros and cons.

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