Industries That Can Benefit From An Industrial Mezzanine Floor


Everything You Need To Know About Custom Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

Mezzanine systems are installed within existing structures to help create multi or single-story spaces. Custom mezzanine offices can be built to

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio

fit a specific area to expand the facility’s size by doubling or tripling it by adding a floor. These custom mezzanines are typically used to build storage, assembly, or office space as well as parts warehouses, locker rooms, work platforms, cafeterias, and stockrooms. 

The best part about mezzanine systems is that they can be custom designed to fit in any available space within a structure. 

Benefits of Custom Mezzanine Sytems

Here are a few reasons why custom mezzanine systems are such a good solution:

  •         Mezzanines eliminate the need for new buildings or expansion, new land acquisition expenditures, and other related costs like added energy expenses, property tax, and insurance premiums.
  •         The mezzanine eliminates the requirement for leasing extra property.
  •         Mezzanines can be modified, moved, or expanded to accommodate changing needs.
  •         Custom mezzanine systems can be built according to your demands, including the proper load requirements, size, color, etc.
  •         Mezzanines can be worked around existing obstructions like plumbing, lighting, ducting, and sprinkler systems.
  •         If classified as equipment, mezzanines can be entitled to accelerated tax depreciation.
  •         Mezzanines can quickly increase the space of a facility two to three times vertically without the need to expand the structure outward. 
  •         Mezzanines can aid in streamlining building logistics and enhancing communication.
  •         Mezzanines can create additional areas for storage and management of inventory, lunch rooms, archives storage, and distributing facilities.
  •         Mezzanines assist in satisfying potential growth requirements.

Types of Mezzanine Systems

There are many various kinds of mezzanines; however, stainless steel ones are preferred over others.

Free Standing Mezzanines

They don’t need to be built and simply rely on their individual parts to be sustained. Support is provided by structural columns, and greater safety can be achieved by using column guards.

Mezzanines Supported by Racks

Rack-supported mezzanines provide levels of practical storage racks providing additional space.

Building Support Mezzanines

The building’s framework and columns work together to support the mezzanine.

Mezzanines Supported by Shelves

A mezzanine with a convenient option for storing smaller goods on shelves.

Wrap Up

Industrial Products Plus professionals can provide you with custom mezzanine systems to meet your business’s precise specifications and requirements. Call the experts at IPP and avail a free quote now!