Improve Warehouse Oversight and Operations with A Modular Office Building


All too often, it can be difficult for the “back office” to keep proper watch over warehouse operations, due to their offices being located far from the facility.  Sometimes, even direct oversight by supervisors can be limited, when there is not enough proper office space within the warehouse itself.

However, the modern modular warehouse office solves these problems, quickly and efficiently.  Modular office buildings are minor engineering marvels, allowing you to set up offices directly within your facility without taking up much floor space.  Being modular and semi-portable, they’re easy to set up, expand, or even relocate as needed.

A modular warehouse office can be a significant boon to modern material handling facilities.  Here are just a few of their benefits.

Four Big Benefits to Installing A Modular Warehouse Office

1 – All the comforts you expect, in a tiny package

A typical modular warehouse office only has a footprint of 4′ square, although being modular, they’re easy to expand in any direction as needed.  Despite the tiny footprint, they don’t lack for the necessities.  They come with hookups for power, phone, and networking, and can even include self-contained heating and cooling solutions.

It’s all the comforts of a home office, right on your warehouse floor.

2 – Rapid deployment

Typically, adding office space to a warehouse environment is an extended and disruptive process.  Traditional construction can potentially take weeks while leaving plenty of tools, trash, and other debris lying around.

But a modular office building can potentially be installed in a single day, two at most.  There’s almost no disruption, and clean up afterward is minimal.  You could install it on a weekend and have it ready for use by Monday morning.

3 – Tax breaks

Adding modular buildings can improve your capital expense deductions.  The depreciation deduction for regular construction can require 30+ years, while modular buildings only have a 7-year depreciation rate.  That gives you superior ROI.

4 – Instant oversight where you need it

Finally, there’s a simple fact that your facilities will run more smoothly when there are always supervisors available to oversee operations directly.  This is the true benefit of modular offices.  They can be placed wherever needed, to add an extra layer of oversight that leads directly to improved operations.

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