How much time can a dock leveler save you?


Having the proper dock leveler can make a big difference for your business and how quickly you complete certain tasks on site. Because one of the most common flaws in the design of warehouse docks is a difference in the height between the dock and the truck bed, having the correct dock leveler is vitally important. Warehouses with uneven dock heights can pose serious safety issues for your business, as well as potential problems for your product. Dock levelers provide an angled surface link between the warehouse floor and trucks and allow you to unload goods without interruption. Dock levelers are welded into place and can prevent any chance of lateral movement.


While dock levelers are simple, cost-effective solutions, not all dock levelers are the same. A hydraulic dock leveler can save you ample time in your warehouse, and here are the reasons why.


Hydraulic dock levelers


Hydraulic dock levelers, one of the most popular dock levelers, use powerful hydraulic pistons to support the docking surface. Compared to other levelers, they support the heaviest and largest loads, and they have an advanced sensing system to line up dock placement. Besides, hydraulic dock levelers save you the time and effort of lining up your dock with a trick and can save around 5 minutes over a mechanical dock leveler and 20 minutes over a dock board. This not only promotes a safer workplace but will allow you and your employees to get more done, making it extremely cost-effective.


Other advantages of a hydraulic dock leveler


Not only will a hydraulic dock leveler save you more time and cut back on the risk of injury and product destruction, it will also allow you to take in loads from different size trucks. This makes them a great choice for facilities that receive products from trucks of all different sizes.


Hydraulic dock leveler maintenance


Hydraulic dock leveler maintenance is relatively low because not many moving parts are used every time you need to use your leveler. They are cost-effective because they save money over time with their efficient and less-required mechanical operation. They require less maintenance and also fewer repairs.


Is a hydraulic dock leveler right for you?


Even if you think you don’t need a hydraulic dock leveler, you should think again. The benefits far outweigh the leveler’s cost because you will be saving time, money and preventing the risk of injury.


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