How can inplant offices help my warehouse operations?


Modular offices (also known as inplant offices) are prefabricated structures that can be set up on the warehouse floor and used as office space. These products can be as small as 64 square feet, but they also can be hundreds or even thousands of square feet. Some of them even have multiple levels.


Inplant offices can help you to manage storage facilities more effectively, and they can even keep your managers separated from the noise and activity of the warehouse floor. Many of the most successful companies use them as office space for their warehouse management team. Here are a few of the many ways that a modular warehouse office can help improve your operations.

1. You can save money


Inplant offices can be purchased for as little as $4,000-$10,000. However, putting an addition on your warehouse for office space could cost you far more than this. The money that you save can be put towards changes to your warehouse that will improve how the facility is managed, such as purchasing the latest warehouse management software.


2. You can relocate a modular office with ease


If you need to move your office to a different part of the warehouse or a different warehouse entirely, you’ll be able to do it within a few days. You don’t have this option if you have a permanent office building. The ability to move the structure quickly and efficiently will allow warehouse managers to observe employees and operations in all areas of the facility for extended periods. As a result, managers will have more ideas about how efficiency and productivity could be improved.


3. Setting it up will not disturb the facility’s operations


If you build an addition to your warehouse to use as office space, there will be construction work on or near the warehouse floor. This can disrupt operations within the facility, which can result in a period of slower shipping times or reduced product availability for customers. However, this is not a concern with a modular inplant office because these products can be set up quickly and quietly without generating dust or debris.


As a result, no aspect of your facility’s operations will have to be put on hold if you choose a modular office for your warehouse. This will ensure that you can offer fast shipping and uninterrupted product availability to your customers.


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