Heavy-Duty Cantilever Racking Systems Save Time and Money



With heavy-duty cantilever racking systems, your warehouse can be organized so that you can get to your inventory when you need it fast. Getting to your inventory quickly will save your warehouse staff time and save you money.


What is a Cantilever Racking System?


Cantilever racking stores long, bulky or awkward materials of any length. Because cantilever racking has no vertical obstructions, it is ideal for long items such as pipes, lumber, and plywood sheets. Heavy-duty cantilever racking systems consist of a durable, sturdy base that anchors the racking system to the floor. Uprights extend out of the base, and each upright column has holes from top to bottom where cantilever arms can be inserted. Once the arms are inserted into the columns, long items or bulky items can be stored until they are needed. Uprights come in single or double-sided units for added storage, and cantilever racks can be raised up or down to store different-sized items.

What Makes Cantilever Racking Systems Different from Pallet Racking Systems?


Traditional pallet racking systems have horizontal bars that support this kind of racking system, but cantilever systems do not have this bar. Because this beam is not present in cantilever racking systems, you can design these systems to fit any oddly shaped item in your inventory.


Cantilever racks, unlike traditional pallet racking systems, are designed to be open and flexible. You don’t have to worry about damaging products since you don’t have vertical or horizontal bars that can be bumped or knocked when storing large items.


What Are the Advantages of Using Cantilever Racks?


Cantilever racking systems can be designed to suit your application. With single and double-side arms, you’re sure to maximize your warehouse space. Because these racks have no breaks in the storage level and no vertical uprights, you can store standard or heavy-duty, long loads up to 50 feet. Without having any obstructions, your warehouse professionals can load and unload inventory with ease. 


When you have odd-sized items such as furniture or appliances, heavy-duty cantilever racking systems stack items up high, out of the way until that inventory is needed. With this kind of inventory up and visible, you’ll save time and money by tracking down items, loading them, and moving them out of storage faster than if they were on the ground.


Benefits of Cantilever Racking Systems


Cantilever racking systems are ideal for storing items like tubing, pipes, lumber, metal and plastic sheets, building materials, appliances, and carpeting. Many warehouse owners like cantilever racking because they are easy to install and save time and money. Because inventory is stored and organized, warehouse personnel do not have to spend a lot of time searching for any items. As the inventory changes, racks can be adjusted to fit new and different items.


When you have to store long, bulky or odd-shaped inventory, cantilever racking systems are the best choice for any size warehouse. When you’re ready to find the right solution for your operations, call us and get a quote for Warehouse and Material Handling Solutions.