Four Reasons Why Adding A Warehouse Mezzanine Really Pays Off


For growing companies with warehouse operations, one of the biggest challenges can be finding optimal use of space.  Existing facilities need to be able to handle ever-larger loads, and that can prove difficult.  However, one of the best possible solutions to this challenge is the addition of a warehouse mezzanine.

A mezzanine level can be added to a warehouse of almost any size, ranging from a single catwalk ringing the perimeter to a half-floor or more.  They can be custom built based on your facilities and needs, and in any case, they are an excellent and cost-effective way to expand your warehouse’s capacity.

Four Reasons to Upgrade to A Warehouse Mezzanine

1. Affordable space optimization

Most options for adding storage space are expensive and require additional land.  Whether you’re expanding the existing warehouse, or building a new one, it’s going to cost.  However, a warehouse mezzanine makes use of space you already have, space that’s going completely unused because it’s in the air.  That makes it by far the most cost-efficient way to improve your capacity.

2.  Minimum disruption

Another problem with expanding operations physically is that it is always going to be highly disruptive to operations – particularly if you’re expanding an existing warehouse.  Work might even need to stop entirely.  However, adding a mezzanine is much less disruptive.  It can be done in a short amount of time, and generally operations can proceed even when it is being created.

3. Adding multipurpose space

One big advantage to a mezzanine is that it is a space which can be used for a variety of purposes.  The obvious use would be as additional storage, but another option is to move all your operations and offices onto the mezzanine.  This allows you to devote your entire floor to productive operations.  Plus, an elevated position is perfect for an overseer’s office, so they can see everything happening below.

4. Need more space?  Keep expanding!

Warehouse mezzanines are standardized and modular in terms of construction, so they can be expanded so long as space permits.  In theory, a mezzanine could become most or all of an entirely new floor – just keep adding on as you need more space.

Industrial Products Plus Makes Mezzanines Easy

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