Five Big Benefits from Adding A Mezzanine to Your Warehouse


One serious problem which confronts any growing operation with warehouses is their tendency to outgrow existing storage space.  Land for warehouses can be expensive to obtain, so it’s always going to be better to make optimized use of facilities that exist.  But what can a warehouse manager do, when the warehouse is at capacity?

They can build a warehouse mezzanine.

Why Building A Warehouse Mezzanine Makes Sense

1) Create more floor space

Mezzanines in industrial spaces make sense because they can create more floor space out of thin air – literally.  They make use of elevated areas within the warehouse interior which normally would be too high up to be useful.  Depending on the layout of your warehouse, mezzanines can potentially add 1/3, 1/2, or even more additional space without needing any additional land.

2) Rapid construction

In most situations, a mezzanine can be constructed within just a few days, including any necessary stairs, ramps, or lifts.  The disruption to your operation will be minimal, and then the mezzanine will continue to pay for itself day after day for years or even decades.

3) The cost-effective solution

Simply put, there is no more cost-effective option for expanding usable space within a warehouse or other industrial facility.  Added-on mezzanines are far less expensive than buying land or adding floors onto existing structures.  They are less disruptive to your operation, as well, which further reduces costs compared to other potential solutions.

4) The space is multi-purpose

Mezzanine decks are strong and can be put to a variety of uses.  It’s quite common for warehouse managers to move offices and other administrative areas onto the mezzanine, freeing up floor space below.  They can also be used as visitation areas, allowing visitors to see the activity below without getting in the way.  Potentially, they could even be used to set up demonstration areas or sales booths, should that be appropriate for your facilities.

5) Mezzanines are modular and expandable

The other major benefit to mezzanines is that they don’t have to be installed all at once.  You can add on space as needed, expanding them as your own needs expand.  Every time, it’s a cheap and easy upgrade to get more floor space.

Industrial Products Plus

It’s little wonder that so many operations are embracing industrial mezzanines to expand their facilities.  To learn more about your options in mezzanines, contact Industrial Products Plus!