Drive-in pallet racking


What is drive-in pallet racking?


Drive-in pallet racking is a system used in warehouses. A lift truck operator can enter the rack from one side and load from bottom-to-top and then back-to-front with a drive-in rack system. With this system, operators can enter from a single aisle with a first-in, last-out arrangement for the product.


How do they work?


In this drive-in pallet system, the structure contains parallel aisles, which the forklifts use to either unload or load the unit loads. The forklift takes the load at a taller height than the level at which it is deposited. The forklift then deposits the load on the support rails, which is found on each level’s sides.


Where can they be used?


This type of racking system is ideal for use in warehouses when high-density storage is required. It is best suited to bulk goods of the same kind with a large number of pallets. It can also be used in warehouses for non-perishable merchandise when time in stock is not relevant. The system is utilized in warehouses where there isn’t a requirement for direct access to the unit loads.


What are the benefits?


A great benefit of using a drive-in rack system is storing large quantities of similar loads. It maximizes cubic storage utilization in a smaller area and minimizes the operating aisles needed for trucks. Utilization can be over 80% of the available space.


The drive-in racking system allows for excellent stock control in the warehouse because each lane of the structure is exclusively for a product reference.


This system also has very low maintenance and low assembly costs, making it a very cost-effective method. It allows for clearly arranged logistic management offering full control over inventories and traffic and service flow.


The drive-in racking system eliminates the service aisles needed with a conventional pallet racking system while maximizing storage floor and height. It allows quick reconfiguration of the structure for change as required.


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