Best Pallet Shelves for Warehouse Storage


Warehouses like yours store their items on pallet racks which are the backbone of your operations. Different types help organize various items more efficiently. This article will look at some of the best pallet rack systems you can consider, depending on your unique inventory needs.

Block Stacking

Block stacking is when you load units stacked on one another and stored on the floor in blocks or lanes. In this form of stalking, the pallets are stacked up to a particular height based on several criteria like the weight of the load, condition of the pallet, total height clearance, and the maximum capability of your warehouse forklifts.

Stacking Frames

These pallet shelves for warehouses use posts and decks that can be erected and shifted if required. The structure allows you to store pallets higher and can be especially useful when the pallets you want to store aren’t stackable. Many warehouses use stacking frames when they need a temporary racking solution during busy periods.

Single-Deep Pallet Rack

A single-deep pallet rack system gives you access to every pallet stored in the rack. It can help you get around the honeycombing issue where empty spaces occur, which can’t be filled until the entire lane is empty.

When you remove a pallet, it will be immediately available for another pallet to be placed in its space. You can also configure this racking in several different heights. Most warehouses nowadays have this form of racking in use. The only disadvantage of stacking your pallet shelves for the warehouse this way is that it requires a lot of floor space.

Double-Deep Pallet Rack

The double-deep pallet shelves for warehouses are another take on the single-deep pallet rack systems but incorporate two single racks. It helps reduce the total number of aisles needed. However, this pallet racking system is susceptible to honeycombing so it could be less efficient than single-deep racking. You will also need a double-reach forklift to safely place and remove the pallets from the rack.

Drive-In Rack

Drive-in pallet shelves for warehouses offer you five to ten pallet load spaces like the double-deep racking system. These racks are similar to block stacking as they also use the LIFO (last in, first out) principle for pallet retrieval. The lanes give you room to operate forklifts to place and remove stock. However, the forklift will have a limited space to work in, which may increase the time required to place and remove stocks or pallets.

A Few Other Options…

Other popular pallet shelves for warehouses that you can look into include the following:

  •         Push Back Shelving
  •         Narrow Aisle Shelving
  •         Live Shelving (A.K.A. Pallet Flow Shelving)
  •         Selective Shelving
  •         Cantilever Racking

If you want more information about these or any other type of pallet shelving for a warehouse, feel free to contact the Industrial Products Plus team for help. We can also give you some valuable tips that will help you better manage your warehouse effortlessly.

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