All You Need To Know About Warehouse Storage Equipment


If you plan to update your current warehouse storage solutions, it is natural to start by considering your shelves and racks. However, while optimizing your shelves and racks might lead to decent improvements in your warehouse space utilization, there are other options. You can find storage equipment in a warehouse that helps you achieve even more significant improvements while introducing additional functionality to your day-to-day operations.

From automated to manual, you can find many warehouse storage solutions in the market to choose from. Today’s article will examine the topmost standard warehouse storage solutions and everything you must know about them.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking systems can be made using metal, wood, or plastic. It is one of the most common and vital components of logistical stock storage. Everything delivered and stored in boxes or requires inventory logging, is an ideal candidate for pallet racking. When installing pallet racking storage equipment in a warehouse, the most critical considerations are movement, access, weight, space, and stability.

Your total aisle space will depend on your particular space requirements or warehouse limitations. Still, you must consider if forklift access will be just forward and backward or do you need to have a turning circle with a pallet attached. Weight limits should be strictly followed, and all pallet racking systems must be maintained and inspected regularly to ensure that it is stable enough.

Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-tier racking is a perfect solution for everyone who wants to take full advantage of the vertical space in their warehouse. It is generally achieved with a system of stairs and mezzanine flooring. However, you can also use scissor lifts to access stock that’s out of reach.

These racking systems feature different tiers, so you can easily access the stock up to the maximum vertical storage limit. Since they offer very dense storage, it’s ideal when you deal with large quantities of stock with small individual unit sizes.

Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor can yield a lot of storage space in your warehouse. You are constructing a second floor above your existing aisles that offer extra shelving space. Mezzanine flooring storage equipment in a warehouse doesn’t have to be restricted to a single level. You can install mezzanine floors that offer your warehouse two or even three extra levels. It can also act as a working area for employees to pick, pack, check, and move goods.

The technology used in mezzanine flooring has significantly advanced in recent years, with a wide array of custom designs to offer. Thanks to these advancements, mezzanine flooring can now be customized and fitted to provide you with the best storage solution in virtually any warehousing situation.

It would be best to use a company that can help you manage the entire installation process, from design to installation. They will also help you install any essential additional features that you might need. These options generally include integrated light fixtures, suspended ceilings, lift systems, fire safety appliances, and through-floor conveyors.

Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are wire cages that can be placed in a warehouse to hold inventory. They can be installed, removed, or relocated, which makes them a perfect solution for warehouses where time is of the essence. Because of the nature of these cages, wire partitions can easily hold awkwardly shaped or oversized items like tires or balls. However, there are better fits for overly fragile products. You can also use wire partitions to store things that need extra security on a shelf.

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