Advantages of Using a Warehouse Catwalk


In the industrial sector, a warehouse catwalk refers to a walkway that helps workers and employees move from one place to another. It is an ideal enabler in an industrial environment. An industrial catwalk can ensure all your employees are safe and can conveniently get around the warehouse. They help workers access all switches, valves, and equipment that would otherwise be difficult and, sometimes, even dangerous to reach. An industrial-type catwalk will also help you safely access all hard-to-reach areas at a height.

How Do Catwalks Help In An Industrial Setting?

Industrial catwalks make extended access possible throughout the operations area in manufacturing operations. Generally, catwalks function as walkways or aisles that allow employees to access different locations within the confines of a traditional warehouse or an industrial building. They help workers remove or store goods and inventory from rivet racks or pallet shelves. It’s essential since manufacturing operations need a network of pathways on the floor and at an elevation to access materials and machines.

Another critical function of warehouse catwalks is to allow optimal space utilization. Any facility with a ceiling height greater than 15 feet may have a mezzanine installed in its cube. If the total height is around 30 feet, you can have a multi-level mezzanine system. Installing a warehouse catwalk is also quite beneficial from a safety perspective. Not only will it keep all your employees safe, but it will also prevent you from facing any lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents. All industrial catwalks must conform to the safety norms mandated by OSHA, with fall protection being the top priority.

Types Of Warehouse Catwalks

Since the conditions on various worksites tend to vary considerably, different catwalks may suit different requirements of a particular warehouse. Some of the most famous catwalk types include:

Preassembled Catwalks

Preassembled catwalks are perfect for things like material handling and other industrial applications. These catwalks conform to the standard conveyor section length (12 feet). The width of these catwalks comes in configurations of 36, 30, and 24 inches. The most significant advantage of these warehouse catwalks is their installation convenience since they feature a simple four-bolt connection.

Custom Catwalks

When it’s not ideal to use preassembled warehouse catwalks, you can get a customized one. We can build personalized catwalks based on the exact configurations your warehouse demands. These catwalks are perfect for use in all kinds of work environments.

Aluminum Catwalks

Aluminum catwalks are highly durable and easy to assemble. They come with a maximum height of 8 feet and a maximum length of 13 feet. The maximum width aluminum catwalks offer 3 feet and a maximum clearance of 5 feet. Since they are made using aluminum, they are easy to assemble and disassemble as required.

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