Advantages of Installing Mezzanine in Your Warehouse


Most distribution centers and manufacturing plants face a common problem: outgrowing their facility. If you own a business dealing with a production line or have a lot of shipping and receiving going on, you probably already understand that storage space is critical. With that in mind, if you have been at your facility for an extended period, you know how challenging it can get to keep up with the space demands. 

Warehouse mezzanine systems are an efficient and easy way to add additional storage space. And don’t take it lightly; you can use mezzanine systems to add a substantial amount of space which can help you stay in your current distribution center or warehouse for many more years. 

What Is Mezzanine Warehouse Storage?

A warehouse mezzanine storage system is an elevated floor installed between the floor and its ceiling. The flooring will vary depending on the application, but it’s often made using steel (metal decking, bar grate, etc.), b-decking, or wood product finished floor. Industrial mezzanine systems are ideally composed of a steel (stainless). Generally, these steel structures are free-standing and can be easily dismantled and moved from one place to another. Mezzanines can also be customized to accommodate a concrete flooring surface. 

You Can Add Additional Space to Your Facility 

These storage systems are especially effective in a warehouse environment to increase storage or workspace by enabling you to use all the unused vertical space in your current facility. After your custom mezzanine system is constructed, the area underneath them is also accessible and can be used to store goods or other purposes. Several different types of mezzanine storage units exist, but steel structural mezzanine systems are the most common in warehouses.

You Don’t Have To Shift To a New Location

Space-related issues can make you consider relocating to a more extensive vicinity or adding to your current location. However, with the help of custom mezzanine systems, you can stay at your current location by increasing the overall capacity of your vicinity. The cost of installing a custom mezzanine system is nothing in comparison to shifting your entire business to a new location or having to add floors to your existing building. 

We Can Help.

If you hope to find a flexible, painless, and cost-effective way to increase your storage capacity, you should look into mezzanine storage solutions from Industrial Products Plus (IPP). We can work on your space requirements or any custom specifications. 

Our professionals will ask you a series of questions related to your site location, your storage-related issues, and what goods, in particular, you’re planning on storing. We will provide you with a few custom mezzanine systems based on these answers. You can easily select what system meets your budget, wants, and needs. With the help of a custom mezzanine storage solution, you can use your storage facility efficiently without stressing about shifting to a new location.