7 Ways to Enhance Your Warehouse Mezzanine


Disorganized warehouses are the logistical bane of company managers everywhere – not only do they increase operating expenses, but operations without a proper warehouse mezzanine system can lead to workplace injuries and low morale. Managers looking to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and keep their employees safe, should consider investing in a warehouse mezzanine that can perform multiple functions.


Whether the warehouse mezzanine will serve as a general-purpose workspace, an inventory storage area, or an equipment bay, these several methods can enhance your already existing platform and create an efficient and accident-free work environment:

1. Analyzing your warehouse mezzanine’s layout

Before improving your mezzanine’s structure, it’s crucial to analyze the storehouse’s layout, which includes elements such as rack configuration, slotting and pick arrangements, stock replenishment, and inventory management. Doing so allows you to identify planning conflicts and avoid unnecessary construction delays.

2. Utilizing proper handrail and barrier railing options

Depending on your location, you may have to comply with specific municipal bylaws and regulations. For instance, if the structure has public access, stricter building codes will apply. Safety is paramount when it comes to constructing mezzanine systems, and barrier rails provide an extra degree of protection and reassurance for your workers.

3. Installing safety gates

Warehouse mezzanines that function as storage platforms will benefit from the installation of safety gates, which provide a secure method to move materials properly. Like barrier rails, safety gates allow workers to transport items without worrying about possible workplace injuries.

4. Utilize vertical reciprocating conveyors

Unlike traditional elevators, a vertical reciprocating conveyor only ferries material goods from the main floor to the mezzanine. This provides the maximum benefits to a warehouse mezzanine that has been converted into a storage platform, but the options are virtually limitless, depending on your company’s needs.

5. Choosing the proper ladder options

If your warehouse mezzanine system needs to optimize its total operating area, a ladder structure allows the maximum amount of efficiency while utilizing the least space when compared to a traditional stairway. Nonetheless, precautions must always be considered when implementing new options – this is why constructing a caged ladder reduces the chances of accidental slippage by allowing workers to catch themselves against the structure’s metal lattice.

6. Using sturdy mezzanine deck materials

Depending on the type of stock that will be stored on your warehouse mezzanine, choosing the proper deck material can spell the difference between a functional platform and a broken one. While most companies choose concrete flooring as their first option, other variables do exist – such as steel gratings, resin composites, and even plywood.

7. Installing a modular office

Made from easy-to-ship, prefabricated components, modular offices provide a controlled area away from the bustling warehouse floor. Because these offices are easy to install on your warehouse mezzanine, it can be used as a multi-function workspace for administrative work or an operational center where managers can plan processes on the fly.

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