6 Key Benefits of an Integrated Material Handling System


An integrated material handling system incorporates all the processes and material involved in a warehouse. It links the warehouse system with enterprise resource planning software. Moreover, material handling works on three principles cohesion, connectivity, and coordination. It incorporates all machines, processes, practices and encourages the continuous flow of materials throughout the supply chain process. 

Benefits of Material Handling System 

A material handling system supports the production cycle and includes pick, pack, ship, receive, and put-away warehouse operations. A well-integrated system can boost productivity and assist in the following areas. 

Cost Reduction  

The primary goal of every business is to reduce costs and gain more profitability. An efficient material handling system easily handles the former. The material handling system drastically reduces cost by streamlining warehouse operation and improving efficiencies. 

Efficient Space Utilization 

A material handling system governs warehouse processes. Therefore, it allocates optimal space for cargo by measuring its size and dimensions. Moreover, when there is ample room for maneuverability in a warehouse, employees are much safer. As a result, your business can avoid workplace compensation lawsuits. Not to mention the efficiency boost that comes with increased inventory space. 

Less Damaged Products

An efficiently integrated material handling system reduces the number of damaged products by eliminating human interference. Moreover, employing competent staff for material movement can be costly. Besides, there is the added expense of damaged products. Therefore, integrated material handling systems improve efficiency, reduce the risk of damaged goods, and eliminate human error. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction Scores 

Material handling systems have a significant impact on the external factors of your business. When shipments are processed faster, and customers get undamaged products, their satisfaction increases. As a result, you gain more business from existing customers, and new clients are eager to place their orders. An integrated material handling system is a holistic approach that fixes internal problems and improves brand image. 

Increased Productivity 

Integrated material handling systems boost productivity by cutting down trips made to the warehouse. When everything is visible on mobile applications and computer systems, checking stock manually is eliminated. Moreover, your staff can focus on one project at a time, prioritize work and boost productivity. 

Material handling equipment reduces fatigue which prevents your staff from working at their maximum levels. An automatic conveyer belt boosts efficiencies by speeding up the production process. 


Improved Workers Satisfaction 

Workers are happy when repetitive processes are automated. Therefore, they work harder for growth. As a result, your company profits surge, and you open new departments. Material handling is a holistic approach that keeps everyone satisfied from top to bottom. 


A material handling system oversees all the functions of a warehouse. They provide the much-needed production boost, improve efficiency by reducing the margin for human error and boost customer satisfaction scores. If you are looking for an automated solution for your warehouse operations, reach out to Industrial Products Plus (IPP). Call us now or visit our website for more information.