4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wire Partitions Instead of Solid Partitions


Designing industrial workplaces and warehouses in the modern-day allows for much-needed versatility in the materials and style that you choose. You have multiple factors to consider, such as the safety and security of your workers, the optimization of your space, and protecting your budget.  In the past, business owners would have erected solid partitions to designate specific areas.  However, with a range of wire partition and security cages available on the market, you could stand to reap several benefits – here are just some:

The most cost-effective option

Wire partitioning is a particularly cost-effective way to divide up your storage and workspaces. There’s one simple and relatively apparent reason for this; it has holes and uses less material, which means it’ll cost less than solid partitioning.  Full metal sheets are costly compared to just wire mesh and cost much less money to partition your business area, but just as effectively in a far more profitable manner.

It allows for ventilation

Wire mesh partitioning has holes in it, and air can permeate more efficiently, thus providing better airflow.  In any workspace or warehousing space that is stuffy or hot with little airflow, wire mesh partitions are vital to making sure that the environment is cool.  It can make for a more comfortable place for both people to operate in and optimal for the storage of heat-sensitive goods.

The panels are see-through

In any space where streamlined processes and collaboration with other workers is essential, wire mesh partitions are a must-have. Their transparent nature makes it incredibly easy to see and talk through, meaning that communication barriers are no longer an obstacle, and teamwork becomes far more seamless. For warehouse pickers and quick stock checks, utilizing wire partition and security cages is essential for quickly being able to spot the contents of security cages for storage.

It makes adding a ceiling panel easier

Whereas a welded metal sheet on an enclosed space could cause a significant amount of issues in terms of lighting and fire suppression systems (light and water, of course, can’t penetrate metal sheets), wire security cages and partitions don’t have this problem.  The pre-existing systems in the building can be used with little to no adjustments, making wire partitions and security cages cheaper and far more effective going forward.

Ultimately, wire mesh partitions are the way to go for more collaborative, open, and efficient warehouse space.    You can find the right solutions for your operations by calling us for your free quote for warehouse and material handling solutions. Our knowledgable team of friendly experts is happy to assist with any inquiries that you might have. So get in touch with us today.