10 Tips for a More Organized Warehouse Office


Having a highly organized, modular warehouse office is a must for running a successful warehouse business. Not only is an organized office beneficial for improving productivity and record-keeping, but it can also help prevent serious workplace injuries. For example, there were over 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries reported in 2014 that could have been avoided with a more organized modular office space warehouse.

Organizing your warehouse office does not require much time.  Here are 10 tips for creating a more organized warehouse office.

  • Rearrange your office supplies

One of the best ways to organize your modular warehouse office and increase productivity is to keep the objects you often use very close to you. A modular office will make things a lot easier for yourself as well as anyone else who uses your office. The tools and supplies you don’t use very often can be placed in storage.

  • Organize your digital workspaces

Your digital workspace should be set up to mirror your physical workspace. Create multiple folders and subfolders for your file storage and cloud storage systems, and always clean up your computer by continually getting rid of junk files and emails you do not need.

  • Practice effective time management

Keep a daily to-do list to make sure you are not falling behind on tasks. Break up large projects into small steps if you need to. If you can, track certain activities during the week, so you know how much time you are spending on them.  This will let you know which tasks you should focus on more than others and which ones you should probably delegate to save time.

  • Get rid of unwanted items

Do you have lots of stuff in the office you haven’t used in a while? If so, it may be time to get rid of everything you no longer need.  Replace or donate old furniture and supplies if they have been hanging around for a while or have them repaired if they are still relatively new.

  • Organize your desktop

Now that you’ve got rid of your unwanted items, it’s time to organize your desktop. Desktop organizers are great for separating the items on your desk. You can also use trays and boxes to hold smaller items. Ensure you put everything back in its place at the end of the day for the best results.

  • Create a digital filing system

Thanks to modern technology, we no longer have to rely on paper for storing important files and documents. You can free up lots of space by copying your paper files into digital systems. Just make sure you create backups of your data in case something happens to your storage drive.

  • Recycle used materials

Recycling is a great way to reduce excess waste in your office while helping to make the environment a better place. You will also save money as most of the stuff you use in your warehouse is easily recyclable. Glass, plastic, metal, paper, and most types of wood can be recycled for future use at little to no cost.

  • Redesign your office

Another thing you should consider is redesigning the look of your warehouse office. Could you make better use of the space by changing the layout or introducing more storage units?

  • Create discard dates

It would be best if you never planned to keep anything in your office indefinitely.  Mark files and documents with dates you plan to discard them unless they are still needed at the time.

  •  Outsource your work

Outsourcing your work is also a great way to maintain an organized warehouse office. If you are backed up or have a lot to do, outsource your office tasks to one of your current employees or hire a new employee or temp to fulfill the position.

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