Narrow-Aisle Pallet Racking


Despite their compact size, narrow-aisle pallet racking systems are incredibly flexible. As narrow-aisle systems can be adjusted in height and depth, based on the need of their user, they can be adapted to suit individual needs and preferences. Narrow aisle racking is therefore well suited to all storage space, but can mainly utilize the space in warehouses with tall ceilings.

If you are hesitant to introduce narrowing user’s needs into your warehouse because of the need for narrow-aisle fork trucks to make the system successful, you should be aware that narrow fork trucks or rotating forks are easy to introduce into an environment and help to simplify operations. For example, floor guidance systems can be used to ensure fork drivers follow the correct routes and optimize warehouse operations.

Narrowing the aisles in your warehouse may seem like a small change to your warehouse, but it can have huge impacts on your space availability. For example, reducing the space between your racks to 1.5 meters can save you an impressive 40% in warehouse space.

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